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The key to any successful project is the ability to meet the needs of the client on budget and on time.  Many of the commercial projects we do put that to the test, from fast track jobs to jobs with adverse winter conditions, tight shutdown schedules, or puzzling engineering challenges.  We have numerous commercial and industrial customers who call us back repeatedly because they know we have the experience and the resources to get the job done the way they need to have it done.

Restaurants & Commercial Kitchens

Feeding the public comes with it’s own set of rules, and you’d better know them if you’re working on commercial kitchens. We’ve done several projects in the area, including complete renovations for the Blue Heron, Goten, and Hope & Olive, and commercial kitchens for food production, catering and church suppers.

Retail & Service Industries

One of the nice things about doing projects that are open to the public is that we get to go back and visit them on a regular basis and enjoy the details that we worked so hard to create. The custom wood ceiling that towers 3 stories above the lobby of our local bank looks much more impressive when we remember the steps it took to make it look so simple and elegant.

Educational & Public Use

Any area open to the public has to comply with multiple codes and regulations, including those for accessibility, fire safety and public safety. A working knowledge of the regulations makes for a much more successful project.