Special Projects

Some projects stand out as unique, maybe because of the end result, or maybe because of the process it took to get there.  They’re almost always a learning experience, and no matter how unusual, teach us something that we find useful in future projects.

Masonry Levitation

In 1827 the builders of the Allen Block probably weren’t anticipating that someone would want to open a shop in the basement someday. Low ceilings and a dirt floor made the space unusable, but the building’s prime location in the center of downtown Greenfield made it desirable. The solution was to lower the floor, but do it without undermining the 3 story masonry building above.

Spiral Staircase

Many creative minds and skilled craftspeople contributed to the creation of this lovely spiral staircase leading to a private rooftop garden in the center of downtown. While the concept and the end result are simple and elegant, the process to get there involved a fair amount of careful planning and just a little bit of head scratching.

The Wayback Machine

This house was built in the seventies according to the latest “green” technology of the time. It was a partial underground house, with solar panels on the roof for electricity and hot water, and a greenhouse on the southern side to catch and collect the solar energy throughout the day. The only problem was, it didn’t work.


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