About Us

A few years ago a customer asked us to sponsor an event, and as part of the promotion he wanted a slogan to put on a banner.  We didn’t have one, and it was a busy season so we didn’t have time to create one.  Tom looked at our old website, and thought about the projects we’d done for his family, and came up with 4 words that he felt described our company: Quality, Craftsmanship, Original Thought.  We liked the slogan so much that we started to incorporate it into our advertising.

When people think quality they often think high end or expensive, but the word doesn’t necessarily have to mean money.  We think of it as bringing our best to whatever we have to work with.  For example, we may feel that the best insulation for an exterior wall system includes some combination of spray foam and blown in cellulose, but not every budget has room for spray foam.  If the budget dictates fiberglass, we’ll make sure that the fiberglass is installed to the best possible standards to ensure the maximum R-value.

True craftsmanship is all about the details, and it starts before a single piece of wood is cut.  A craftsman thinks the project through, and figures out the best tools and materials to use to accomplish any given task.  He or she draws on the experience of others when needed, and is always happy to learn a better technique to improve their skills.  This is the type of carpenter we look for.  We had a job applicant tell us one time that it was up to the painter to make sure his joints looked good.  He didn’t get the job. 

One of the Webster definitions of “original” is “a fresh initiative or inventive capacity.”  That describes our thought process on many projects.  While we are happy to bring our high standards to straightforward projects, we are also skilled at looking at challenging projects in a unique way. 

Let us bring our quality, craftsmanship and original thought to your next construction project.




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