Safety Guidelines for Smooth Sailing Through Your Construction Project

Safety is everyone’s job on a construction site. By following a few common sense practices throughout
your project, you can help create a safe site for you, your family and pets, your possessions, and for
our crew.

Preparing for Construction

Protect your furniture & belongings: Please remove personal items & furniture from the construction
area. If you need help, please discuss with us before your job is scheduled.

Cleaning: Please be considerate of our crew. Clean any areas not scheduled for demolition.

Children: If you have children please let them know to expect us and that they need to steer clear of
the work area. We are happy to answer their questions and show them what we are doing as time

Pets: For our safety and theirs, pets need to be kept out of the work area. Please let us know if pets are
allowed outside and if not, where your pet ought to be during our work hours.

Once the Project Starts

Start Time: We start work at 7:00 and end at 3:30. Please let us know if you have special

Dust Control: Construction work is dusty. We use plastic Zip walls, drop cloths and other protection to
contain dust and debris as best we can. We also clean as we go, as work allows. Some dust might
escape the work area. Please be aware that your house might need a bit more cleaning until the project
is completed.

General Safety While in the Work Area

In general, no one who isn’t associated with the work should be in the project area while work is going
on, but there are occasions where it might be appropriate. Depending on the scope of your project,
here are specific safety guidelines that might apply to you when in the construction area.

Outside: Give large or noisy equipment lots of room. Assume that you cannot be seen or heard. Look
in the direction you are walking.
Stay six feet away from all excavations and please keep your children with you at all times while touring
the site.
Depending on what is happening, you might be required to wear a hard hat. We can provide one!
The dumpster is for construction debris. Other objects can be disposed of only with permission.

Inside: Please watch where you walk, there might be cords or other things on the floor. Just as when
you are outside, look in the direction you are walking.
Please leave ladders where you find them.
Steer clear of fresh work. Building materials such as paint, glue, or drywall compound can get onto
your clothes or skin and might not come off easily.

Adhering to these guidelines helps the job go safely and smoothly. We really appreciate your
help with this important aspect of your project.